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We are here to match your needs with devices in the field of industrial automation and fittings. We build devices for thermal technology ourselves, including compact steam-water heat substations, steam pressure reducing stations and condensate pumping systems.

You can count on at least one year manufacturer’s warranty. We will quickly deliver your product to you and we will take care of installation and commissioning of the installation.

We work with small companies and large industrial plants. We guarantee professional and professional service.

We offer the following installations and devices in our offer:

  • compact steam-water heat substations
  • condensate pumping aggregates driven by pressure
  • electromagnetic valves
  • SENTRONIC electropneumatic proportional valves
  • systems for measuring the level, desalination and desludging of a steam boiler
  • pneumatic regulating valves
  • electric regulating valves
  • control valves for direct temperature (thermostatic) operation
  • manual shut-off valves
  • shut-off and regulating shutters – manual and with drives
  • dirt settlers / filters
  • check valves
  • safety valves
  • dehydrators
  • reduction stations for water vapor
  • heat exchangers
  • systems and elements of pneumatic pneumatics
  • vortexes for measuring the flow of steam, liquids and gases
  • process equipment of Pierre Guerin (dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceutics)
  • ABRAMS own devices for steam and condensate

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