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Our company's achievements

Hochland in Węgrów

Development, design and comprehensive execution of the discharge and return system steam condensate in the Hochland dairy plant in Węgrów.

Dairy Cooperative ``MLEKPOL`` Grajewo

Solving problems with low pressure condensate in a group of cooperatives dairy Grajewo providing appropriate pumping units adapted to nature of the medium.

ZPM Grajewo

Deliveries of complete steam-water heat substations to production plants in the network of ZPM Grajewo dairy.

Rauch Płońsk

Construction of a complete degassing installation for water supplying steam boilers – 11 T / h together with properly selected automation and fittings – Rauch Płońsk. The whole is damped and thermally insulated.

Rauch Płońsk

Modernization of the automation of the boiler installation in the Rauch production plant Płońsk.

Zbyszko Białobrzegi

Construction of a complete steam and condensate installation in Zbyszko Białobrzegi. Deliveries and installation of thermal steam and condensate equipment.

ZPM Grajewo

Deliveries and commissioning of all steam and condensate installations in ZPM Grajewo – production plant in Sokółka.

Benckiser Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

Delivery, building at the customer and commissioning of the installation, and then servicing the equipment.


Selection and delivery of control systems and drainage of heat exchangers

Selection and delivery of control and drainage systems for heat exchangers for manufacturers complete technological lines in food processing, as well as to dozens of end recipients of these lines.

Deliveries of process equipment, eg special cleaning valves

Participation in complex projects in process engineering.


Other achievements and further opportunities: