Condensate pump set. Condensate driven by steam or air pressure:

Condensate pump unit Type: POP-S DN25 x DN25 PN16
Volume of condensate pumping in one cycle: 16 dm3.
Consumption of the supply medium: steam ca. 8kg / h (possibly compressed air about 2.5 dm3 / s) Possible max. efficiency: 1.1 T / h
Body material: GGG-40.3 ductile iron, painted silver, high temperature resistant paint. Material of internal parts: stainless steel
Standard: three condensate inlet nozzles DN25 – flange connections
The set consists of:
– A pressure tank open to the atmosphere – material made of stainless steel
– Batching pump DN25 x DN25 – standard material execution
– Compensating fittings – material made of stainless steel
– Frame of the whole device – material made of stainless steel
In this type of batch pumps there is no cavitation phenomenon.
Application of the aggregate is of particular importance The aggregate is usually used for dewatering several steam collectors, or a few exchangers with a small amount of steam consumed.
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